Why Mud Flaps are Essential for Your Car or Truck

Willco Extrusion, the maker of custom mud guards, understands the importance of mud flaps. Mud flaps are a unique tool used in the maintenance and safety of your vehicle. They are generally easy on the pocketbook and can add aesthetic value too. Custom mud flaps can be designed with your company name, logo or design or another personal design that is uniquely “you.” While often taken for granted, a closer look reveals why mud flaps are essential for your car or truck.

why mud flaps are essential for your car or truck

Weather Resistance

While operators in warmer climates may have an easier time maintaining their vehicles appearance, colder climates, especially those prone to heavy snowfall, can find it difficult. In colder regions, motorists have to deal with the negative side effects of salt and ice melt that is used to maintain road safety. When this salt sits in wheel wells and the underside of your vehicle, it can begin to corrode the protective coatings and aid in the development of rust. Mud flaps, while not protective to the entire underside of your truck, do provide a fair amount of protection around the wheels. Therefore, mud flaps potentially increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

Debris Protection

A common issue when driving is the damage sustained by your vehicle due to the debris found on the roadways. While states try to maintain clean and clear roads, they are unable to prevent all possible damage. Streets may have potholes with loose rocks, there may be metal shards from prior accidents, and other bolts or metal debris can become a dangerous projectile. Anything is possible when driving and therefore it is necessary to protect the underside of your vehicle as much as you can. Mud guards, while not a perfect solution, do provide a significant increase in protection from debris and the unwanted damage it can cause.

Motorist Protection

The benefits of mud flaps also go beyond preventative maintenance and into the realm of motorist protection. The fact is, vehicles in front of you can kick up large amounts of debris, and while smaller vehicles may be able to drive past the same area without causing much hassle, commercial vehicles and larger pedestrian vehicles can launch pieces of rock, mud, metal or whatever is on the roadway toward following cars. This upheaval can lead to cracked windshields, injured pedestrians or even accidents. Mud flaps prevent this from happening by knocking down potential projectiles before they can wreak havoc on the road.

Even large amounts of water can be potentially blinding to following cars. Mud flaps direct water back down to the road instead of letting it fly into the traffic behind you. Mud guards help to reduce the risk of damage or injury to other people and their vehicles, making them a worthwhile purchase.


Obviously, safety outweighs marketing, but another real value to having custom mud flaps is the ability to advertise your business. Countless cars will follow behind you in the course of a year and every one of them can see your company brand and contact info if you display custom mud flaps on your vehicles.

Willco Extrusion specializes in custom mud flaps for all types of vehicles, allowing you to not only protect your vehicles and the people around them, but also to advertise your brand and service in a unique and recognizable way. They offer numerous sizes, shapes, colors and designs so you can create mud flaps specific to your tastes. Don’t waste another minute, call 1-248-817-2373 and speak with a representative to find out what the professionals at Wilco Extrusion can do for you.

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