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How can you convince potential clients you’re the best? In our experience, making a good first impression is essential whether you’re dealing with manufacturers, Why Choose Willco Mud Flaps wholesalers, or store owners. Make sure your drivers always show up with a clean truck and Willco mud flaps that have your company’s logo. Here’s why our custom mud flaps are an incredible choice for any fleet.

Customized Branding

If you’re going to have trucks on the road 24/7, they should definitely have your company logo on them. Why not take advantage of free advertising to promote your business? Many trucks have graphics on the side of the trailer, but you should also make sure to include company info on your custom mud flaps.

You won’t believe how many new customers you can acquire this way. You never know who is driving behind your trucks. If your company deals with any national chains, imagine how many logistics managers will get in touch with you because of the advertising they see on the way to work.

Our team can add your brand’s logo to all of your mud flaps, even if some are different sizes. Your flaps can carry your company name in lettering of many colors, which stands out against the black rubber. To take advantage of digital marketing, you can add a website address right below your brand name.

The Best Quality

Many trucking companies choose rubber mud flaps, though we also offer plastic mudguards for an attractive look. Rubber is a high-performance material with incredible strength and durability. These guards last years without wearing out or tearing.

Even the intense heat and rocks of dry climates aren’t a match for our high-quality mudguards. If your drivers travel through the northern states, with salt and road chemicals during winter, you’ll love how our chemical-resistant rubber flaps last ages.

Made in the USA

Many business owners are proud to be part of the backbone of America’s economy. They worked hard to make their American dream come true, and they prefer supporting products that are 100% made in the USA.

We mean it 100% when we say American made. For one thing, all our manufacturing is done in the U.S. (in Michigan). But that’s not all. Even the materials used to create your custom mud flaps are produced in the United States.

Incredible Advertising

The last thing you want is one of your trucks showing up at a customer’s dock with mud flaps that are faded, torn, or dirty. Our products stay in excellent condition, and they’re easy to keep clean. High-quality mud flaps give every truck a professional feel, leading to an incredible reputation for your business.

One reason these custom mud flaps look great for ages is because of our hot stamp designs instead of silk-screen letters. The difference in quality is night and day. Your logo and advertising continue to look brand new after two years or more. With silk-screening, designs typically start to fade or wear off in months.

No Regrets

We’ve been creating the best custom mud flaps for over 25 years. We’ve built a reputation as an amazing choice for fleet managers throughout the country. You’ll never regret working with our team for your trucks.

Now, more than ever, trucking businesses have a great opportunity to get a lot of new customers. If you’ve never worked with Willco Extrusion before, we’re happy to guide you through the creation process for custom mud flaps. You can choose from tons of different sizes — such as 24″ x 24″ and even 55″ wide — picking the right fit for each and every one of your trucks.

Our design team can even make a logo for you if you need one. Call (248) 817-2373 or visit our company website.  Check out our Gallery

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