What Are Mud Flaps For?

what are mud flaps for

Many cars and trucks carry splash guards, or mud flaps, as they traverse to work or make the long haul to deliver products. Surprisingly, some new automobiles come from the factory without this kind of protection. Why is it important to equip your vehicle with Willco Extrusion molded mud guards?

To Reduce Dirt and Grime

Few things are as frustrating as watching your just-washed car or truck get covered by mud again after an unexpected rainstorm. Splash guards keep mud in the wheel well and prevent it from spraying onto your vehicle’s exterior.  This is important because a clean truck looks amazing and garners you respect. In the case of company vehicles, a clean appearance is especially important, since it reflects well on your business’s reputation.

To Protect Against Body Damage

Roadways are filled with rocks and other objects that can do a number on your car or truck. From large dents to multiple scratches, damage from high-speed debris accumulates and worsens over time. If you want to keep a vehicle looking like new, investing in mud flaps to protect against rock impacts is key. Molded mud guards fit a car’s contours perfectly, acting as a durable shield between body and tires.

To Prevent Rust

The thought of rust invading inspires apprehension in any vehicle owner, and with good reason. Rust can damage automobiles from within, weakening support structures and contributing to a broken-down appearance. The best way to win the fight against rust is to refuse to let it take hold in the first place.

Mud flaps offer protection in two ways: by safeguarding paint layers from debris and by keeping corrosive road chemicals inside the wheel well. Once the paint is chipped away, the only way to get rid of rust is to grind the surface and repaint. Opting for better protection instead is a sound strategy to avoid repair costs. Mud guards also keep undercarriage and chassis in optimal condition, reducing the amount of preventative maintenance required.

To Increase Brand Advertising

If your company uses a fleet of semis to make deliveries year-round, mud flaps splash guards are a smart idea to maximize your brand’s reputation. Not only do they enhance the appearance of vehicles and unify your entire fleet, but they also give you the opportunity to share contact info with passerby. Many business owners use branded mud flaps to direct drivers to a phone number or website address. This investment makes sense financially because it’s advertising that reaches a huge audience of potential customers.

To Keep Other Vehicles Safe

Drivers may not always remember if the vehicle ahead has mud flaps equipped, but they never forget when a truck without mud flaps throws rocks, corn kernels or other debris at their windshield. Without this important layer of protection, any object on the highway can become a high-speed projectile capable of denting, scratching or breaking car components. To prevent potential clients from being turned off by a negative experience, all fleet owners should equip company vehicles with mud guards.

To Comply With Legal Regulations

A final reason that splash guards are essential is that many states require commercial vehicles to carry them. By opting for personalized mud flaps for semi trucks, business owners can comply with state regulations in a way that also looks attractive and adheres to their brand identity.

How To Find Awesome Mud Protection

At Willco Extrusion, we know that drivers and vehicles have countless different needs. Cars and trucks each present their own protection requirements, and owners are interested in both style and functionality. Contact us right away for the best universal mud flaps and custom molded mud guards in a variety of heavy-duty materials.

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