Boost Your Business with Custom Truck Mud Flaps

Brand recognition and advertising play a huge role in business success. The more people who see your message, the greater your customer base and profits. At Willco Extrusion, we provide heavy duty truck mud flaps using materials of the highest-quality to help you reach your target audience with the perfect message. What makes custom mud flaps so effective for brand recognition?

1. The Best Reputation

truck mud flaps

A bold logo commands attention and tells potential clients something about your business. In order to maximize the power and effectiveness of that brand message, it’s important to choose the best truck mud flaps possible. Our hot-stamped mud flaps last for ages and endless miles while keeping both logo and message details intact and attractive, like brand new.

2. Increased Client Contact

With over 20 vibrant colors for your brand message, grabbing attention isn’t difficult. Amazing mud flap designs increase the effectiveness of your business advertising in two ways: by directing driver attention to other publicity on your transport vehicle and by providing potential customers with vital contact information, such as your website, phone number or store location.

3. Improved Vehicle Appearance

Making a great first impression with your fleet of business vehicles is critical for spreading a positive brand message. With high-quality mud flaps featuring your signature calling card, trucks and semis look more professional. In addition, mud flaps protect truck frames from corrosive road chemicals and preserve a clean vehicle appearance longer.

4. Positive Driver Courtesy

The last thing you want is for a branded semi truck to throw debris at other vehicles. Equipping your fleet with mud flaps for lifted trucks makes sure that all drivers have a positive experience when following your trucks.

Give Your Fleet the Best Custom Mud Flaps

At Willco Extrusion, maximum quality is more than a priority, it’s a guarantee. All of our business mud flaps are 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed and completely customizable to meet your fleet’s ideal specs for size, thickness, material and messaging.  Request a quote today to get started. We can work with your desired logo or create an impressive design from scratch if requested.

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