Mud Flaps vs. Splash Guards: What’s the Difference?

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably pondered the difference between mud flaps vs splash guards at some point in your life. The truth is both terms usually refer to the same thing, which is an essential vehicle accessory that prevents dirt and debris from causing damage. Additionally, mud flaps aren’t only useful for large commercial vehicles. Trucks, SUVs, cars, and vans can also make use of this accessory, especially when drivers are subject to inclement weather like rain and snow. Willco Extrusion knows how important it is to protect your vehicle. That’s why they offer a wide selection of personalized splash guards, all of which are made from quality materials and crafted to your specifications.

mud flaps vs splash guardsThey also love passing on their knowledge to customers in search of the perfect set of flaps. The following guide explains splash guard sizing, material options, and other design characteristics you can select when working with a technician. A number of factors dictate which options you should choose, such as the size of your vehicle and the conditions you normally drive in. Making the right choice ensures your vehicle will remain well-protected, no matter what.


Mudguard size is usually dependent on the width of the tire tread. While this varies from vehicle to vehicle, there are some general sizing rules that apply. For example, 18×24 is a good size for things like SUVs and cars since these vehicles have smaller tires. Conversely, a larger pickup used for heavy-duty hauling would probably be best served by 24×30 flaps. 24×24 flaps are typically used for dual rear wheels, which can sometimes be designed extra wide. Some companies, including Willco Extrusion, even offer custom sizing. The goal is to ensure that your tires have the appropriate coverage for their size and width.


Along with sizing considerations, you’ll also need to consider the thickness of your splash guards. Keep in mind that thickness can depend on the material you choose, as some materials will naturally be thicker than others. Thickness can be expressed in a few different ways, including inches and gauge. As an example, mud flaps that are 1/4 inches are .250 gauge, while 3/8 inches is .350 gauge. The harsher the conditions, the thicker your mudguards should be. The type of vehicle can also play a role, much like sizing.


Mud flaps are typically available in plastic and rubber, both of which have their benefits. Plastic is ideal for smaller passenger vehicles, as they are the most affordable option. They can also stand up well under poor driving conditions, including excessive moisture. Rubber flaps best suited to larger, heavy-duty vehicles. This has much to do with their flexibility, which means they can bend and flex and easily when under pressure.


While less pressing than the above considerations, customized splash guards can also feature the color of your choosing. This is essential for small business owners with a commercial vehicle. Customizing a mud flap with a company name or logo allows you to advertise while also ensuring your work equipment is safeguarded from weather hazards. For personal vehicles, color selection is a great way to make your car or truck stand out. Color selection may be dependent on the material you choose, so be sure to let your technician know you’re interested in color options.

Now that mudguards vs splash guards have been sufficiently explained, Willco Extrusion is happy to address any other questions you might have. The first step is to get in touch with a design professional to go over all your options. If you want a logo stamped on your splash guard, our design team can create a proof for you to review in as little as 48 hours. Once you’ve given your approval, you can expect your mud flaps to be ready in about three weeks. Learn more about our design and creation process by calling (248) 289-8215 today!

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