Is There Really a Difference Between Mud Flaps and Splash Guards?

If you’re in the market for new truck attachments to guard your tires, you may have come across two different terms during your search: mud flaps and splash guards. The intention of each of these products sounds similar, so how do you know which one you need for your truck? It may surprise you to learn that each of these names is describing virtually the same product.

Custom Mud Flaps or Splash Guards?

While some people believe that there is a distinct difference between splash guards and mud flaps, the truth is that both of these products fulfill the same purpose. Regardless of their name, these truck accessories do a lot for vehicles:

  • Protect other drivers from dirt or flying debris
  • Keep the wheel well from getting dinged up or damaged
  • Provide an aesthetically-pleasing appearance to the tires, with opportunity for advertising

You may find arguments that a splash guard protects the vehicle they’re attached to, while a mud flap protects surrounding vehicles, but ultimately a good one should meet both of these needs, no matter what the manufacturer chooses to call their product.

mud flaps and splash guards

What Should I Look For?

Instead of being caught up in semantics, focus on finding the best product to fit your needs. The right choice will give you many sizing options, so you’ll get the perfect fit for your tires, and they should be made from high quality material that’s made to withstand the elements. When it comes to graphics, opt for a longer-lasting hot-stamped process, rather than silk-screening.

Outfit Your Trucks With the Best

Whether you call them mud flaps or splash guards, Willco Technology can help you equip your fleet with these top-of-the-line accessories. We offer custom sizes, and our quality materials and hot-stamping process ensure the utmost durability. We do everything in-house, which means we’ll monitor your order from start to finish. For the best truck splash guards (or mud flaps), call us today at 248-817-2373 and we will help you.


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