Do Your Mud Flaps Meet State Requirements?

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The idea of designing your own custom truck mud flaps can be appealing, but did you know that each state has different laws regarding mud flaps? This is true, and many truck drivers are shocked to find the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA does not regulate mud flaps. Some states have stricter laws than others, and before you attempt to design your own mud flaps, you should become familiar with your own state’s laws.

Notable State Laws

Some states, including Delaware, Texas, Missouri, and Arizona, only allow drivers to install mud flaps that are eight inches or less from the ground. For example, Alaska’s mud flap laws state that mud flaps can hang up to 14 inches from the ground. The state of Maryland mandates the distance of the mud flap from the ground should be equal to the width of the truck’s tire. For example, if the tire is 14 inches wide, the mud flap should be 14 inches long. New York law prohibits mud flaps from being more than one-third of the distance from where the lower part of the mud flap makes contact with the back wheel. States such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Oklahoma are even more strict, and drivers in these states must install their mud flaps at a 22.5-degree tangent angle to prevent debris from flying off the tire.

FMCSA Mud Flaps Requirements

With so many laws on the books, it can be difficult for interstate carriers to keep up. This is understandable, but the FMCSA does offer general recommendations for mud flap installation. To comply in virtually every single state, install your mud flaps between six and eight inches from the ground and mount your mud flaps at a 300mm angle that is greater than 22 degrees. Some states also require mud flaps on the rear part of a truck to prevent debris from hitting cars, which is something to think about if you need to temporarily remove your mud flaps for any reason.

Mandatory Mud Flap Installation States

In some states, such as Louisiana, any vehicle carrying forest or agricultural products must be equipped with mud flaps. Other states only require commercial vehicles to install mud flaps if they are over a certain size. In the following states, truck drivers are required to install mud flaps on their vehicles:

  • Connecticut
  • Alaska
  • Montana
  • Washington
  • Utah

Drivers in Utah should only install mud flaps if their fender has been physically altered in any manner, and states like Montana and Louisiana require drivers to install both fenders and mud flaps. In Washington state, trucks more than 40 years old and those classified as collectors’ items do not need mud flaps. Before designing your personalized mud flaps, be sure to look up the laws in your state.

Learn About Our Wide Range of Customizable Mud Flaps

The laws regarding mud flaps can be confusing, but here at Wilco Extrusion, we can help you create custom truck mud flaps that meet your state’s legal requirements and express your personality. We strive to create personalized mud flaps that protect your truck from debris, and we can incorporate virtually any text, picture, or business logo of your choosing into your custom design. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of custom truck mud flaps.

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