5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Mud Flaps

customized mud flaps

Although there is no federal law that requires splash guards on semis, most states do require them on your truck. You should check the laws in states where you drive, to ensure you’re following regulations. Take a look at the benefit of mud flaps and why you should consider investing in custom mud flaps.


Mud Protection

Mud flaps are designed to protect the truck against mud and flying debris. The flap is positioned to prevent mud and other objects from flying out from the tires. During the winter, mud flaps prevent salt and chemicals from getting on the truck and trailer. Other vehicles on the road don’t get covered in whatever is on the road that the truck is blowing around.


Brand Identity

Personalized mud flaps present your brand to anyone who sees the truck. Aesthetically, you can match the mud flaps to any color and style. It’s an advertisement to your brand and it looks cool. At Willco Extrusion LLC, your splash guards are not silk-screened, but hot stamped with your text and graphics. The design will last, even through the harshest weather conditions. It’s an added form of advertising to make your name stand out.


Support US-Based Businesses

We source products from other companies in the United States. Our manufacturing process is also within our country. We actually produce the polyethylene sheets used to make your own mud flaps in house. This builds the American economy by putting people to work. We stand by our commitment to American-made products. We also use eco-friendly materials to be sustainable and green.


Meet State Requirements

Although the federal government doesn’t regulate mud flaps, most states have some requirements for them. The FMCSA recommends mud flaps be mounted at an angle of greater than 22 degrees and at 300 mm. Most jurisdictions just require mud flaps on the most rear tires of the vehicle. Some states are very strict about their mud flap rules, while others just want to make sure the truck is installed with mud flaps. Generally, mud flaps should be about 8-inches off the ground.


Splash Guards Are Courteous

One purpose of mud flaps is to protect other vehicles on the road from splash and dirt from your wheels. It’s just common courtesy for other drivers to have splash guards that keep the roads safer. If you can look stylish while doing that with customized mud flaps, shouldn’t that be a consideration. It’s like a business card on the road.


Request a Free Quote Today

At Willco Extrusion LLC, you can design your own custom mud flaps using your logo or ask us to help you create mud flaps that fit your brand. We offer custom sizing to fit the trucks of your fleet. It takes about three weeks to get your order the first time you order. We’re proud to make custom mud flaps in such a short time.


Contact us to learn more about personalized mud flaps for your truck fleet. Our design team is here to help you put together a design and get the truck flaps that will fit your needs.

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