Why You Should Equip Your Big Rig with Custom Mud Guards

Mud guards serve an important purpose on any semi-truck, but it can prove beneficial to go beyond the basic design. Willco Extrusion manufactures custom mud guards and mud flaps for custom big rigs that exceed the usual expectations. This personalized construction can result in some amazing advantages.


custom mud flaps for semis and big rigs

Because customized materials are made specifically for your truck and your brand, you’re guaranteed a better fit and a more personalized look. Both combine to create an attitude of professionalism. Your vehicle will appear far more polished with the addition of custom guards, and the more durable and effective the material is, the less chance there is of sand and debris dirtying up the truck. A clean rig enhances your brand’s image.


Along with a professional appearance, custom big rig mud flaps are designed from scratch, allowing you to have a say in every step of the process, including the following details:

    • Size
    • Thickness
    • Material
  • Color

The right size and thickness ensure maximum coverage for your tires, while choosing between rubber and plastic for your material gives you even greater flexibility. Color customization allows you to tie in the scheme of your logo for a truly personalized look.


Once you’ve laid out the construction specifications of your mud guards, you can take customization even further by requesting the stamping of your logo into the surface. This process not only adds a touch of polish, but it identifies your name in a location that numerous people will see. This is the best kind of promotion because it involves minimal effort once the logo is in place.

Custom semi mud flaps are a smart way to present your customized big rigs on the road. Work with Willco Extrusion to get the most personalized product imaginable, including custom sizing and materials. The hot stamping printing process means that your logo lasts longer. Let us walk you through the design process today.

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