Custom mud flaps for any size or style of Semi-Truck or Dump-Truck fleet applications

We have the power to sell your business, no matter what kind of business you’re running. Our custom mud flaps come in a number of different sizes and are perfect for a number of applications.

Our custom mud flaps are a crucial part of any fleet. Are you constantly sending out your semi-trucks to drive across the country? Anyone familiar with hauling and operating heavy vehicles knows the beating they take on the open road. On the highway, mud flaps protect other drivers from debris, weather and blown-out tires. Not only is this a great way to advertise and bring your business together, but these added benefits make mud flaps a part of your truck that you can’t be without.

Willco Extrusion mud flaps fit multiple applications and uses for your company. In the United States, it’s actually required that all semi and dump trucks have mud flaps. Turn this safety requirement into your own personal traveling billboard. Customized mud flaps bring your message together.

Custom sizing makes it easy to fit any style of fleet. Even for the smaller type of beverage or box trucks, you still have the ability to create your own brand awareness. Sizes range from 18” by 24” to 55” wide in whatever width you may need! We’ve outfitted them all. Our custom thermal imprinting options are nearly endless. Let us know what look you’re going for and we can help you design your fleet.


We even work with trailer manufacturers! Are you a local business trying to gain more clientele? Custom mud flaps are exactly what you need. If your business runs a fleet of vehicles, projecting a unified brand image can help cement you as a serious business in your local community.

We also offer blanket ordering to make it that much easier for you. Do you have a number of different truck sizes that you need different delivery dates for? We can handle that! Set up your order with us and we will make sure you have what you need, exactly when you need it to make your business succeed. We offer discounted pricing for all distributors, wholesalers and third party entities on all polyethylene products.


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We can create anything you desire. We store your logo at our facility, but you still own it. Standard block lettering is also available if a logo is not needed.

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