What are the Advantages of Custom Pickup Truck Mud Flaps?

When selecting things like upholstery, paint color and accessories for your truck, performance and style are equally important. The same thing goes when picking out the best pickup truck mud flaps: It’s essential to look for excellent quality paired with an incredible design. That’s where custom mud flaps from Willco Extrusion really shine.

We go the extra mile to create high-quality mud flaps that adapt perfectly to your truck’s dimensions, featuring the hot-stamped logo or design you request. Here’s why no truck customization is complete without signature mud flaps:

Benefits of Custom Mud Flaps for Pickup Trucks

custom mud flaps for pickup trucks


Custom designs give trucks of all sizes even more personality, commanding respect on the highway. For businesses, this can have a significant impact on brand loyalty and recognition. Personalized logos can also show support for causes you believe in.

Perfect Fit:

Run-of-the-mill mud flaps don’t come close to the precision fit of our custom models. Choose from ready-to-go sizes, such as tailgate-protecting 24″ x 18″, or provide us with totally unique measurements for your whole fleet.

Truck Protection:

Road chemicals and salts corrode your truck chassis, and debris from the wheel well can cause damage to the vehicle’s paint job. Heavy-duty mud flaps act as a barrier to keep whatever’s on the road off of your truck.

Effective Advertising:

If your pickup truck is a main business vehicle, it makes sense to advertise your company while you travel. With pickup truck mud flaps, you can show off your custom logo or contact details such as a website address.

Fleet Branding:

Since custom mud flaps can be virtually any size needed, it’s easy to equip an entire fleet of pickup trucks, delivery vans and semi trucks with the same awesome advertising. Harmonious branding gives your company a strong professional quality.

Create Custom Pickup Truck Mud Flaps Instantly

At Willco Extrusion, we give your custom mud flaps our complete attention. From helpful details like answering your questions to production, we work with you to create the optimum look and performance characteristics for your vehicle. Contact us immediately to get started with the design process.

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