Custom Mud Flaps for Cars

Custom mud flaps for carsCustom Mud Flaps: Not Just for Trucks Anymore: Do you have a fleet of cars for your business? Whether they are delivery vehicles, passenger shuttles, or courtesy cars, they certainly represent a significant investment. At Willco Extrusion, we can equip your fleet with custom mud flaps for cars that not only protect the vehicles, they can also provide inexpensive advertising for your company. Read on to find out more about the benefits of equipping a fleet of cars for your business with custom mud flaps.

Benefits of Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are an often underestimated but useful accessory that can serve a dual purpose for your company.


Vehicles on the road, particularly work trucks, can leave behind dirt, gravel, and mud on the surface. The tires of your cars can pick up this debris and then kick it back up into the air. Large pieces of road debris can produce dents and dings when they come in contact with the car’s body. Mud, dirt, salt, and similar materials can gradually cause corrosion.

Custom mud flaps for cars create a barrier between the body of the car and the tires. They serve to deflect any debris that the tires kick up away from the vehicle’s body to help keep it clean, whole, and beautiful for the rest of its useful life.


Custom mud flaps for cars bearing your company’s logo help to increase the visibility and brand recognition of your business. As your fleet shares the road with other vehicles, other drivers are sure to see your company’s name. Compared to other forms of advertising, custom mud flaps are relatively inexpensive. Because you purchase mud flaps rather than leasing them as you would advertising space, there is only a one-time fee to pay rather than ongoing rent payments.

Benefits of Working With Willco Extrusion

Willco Extrusion has strived to become a leader in the industry of custom mud flaps since 2012. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when working with our company:

  • Custom Sizes: No vehicle is too large or too small for mud flaps. If we do not offer what you need on our regular size chart, we can create custom-sized mud flaps to your specifications.
  • Choice of Materials: Choose between the more durable rubber mud flaps or the more affordable polyethylene mud flaps. Polyethylene is a type of plastic.
  • Customer Service: We have a design team that can help you create a new logo for your business if you do not already have one. Furthermore, if you want special features for your mud flaps or are not sure what thickness you should choose, one of our representatives can advise you when you call.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: You do not need to worry if your mud flaps break or are otherwise unsatisfactory. We cover all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems, we can take care of everything, and all you have to do is give us a call.
  • American Made: Our mud flaps are manufactured with American labor using only home-grown raw goods for a product that is 100% Made in the USA.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our custom mud flaps for cars are made from recycled materials. We are constantly working to improve product standards while evolving our processes to maintain green solutions.
  • Flexibility: While do we require a minimum of 50 pieces in your order, they do not all need to be completely uniform. You can order mud flaps of different materials and/or multiple sizes to meet the requirement.

Learn More About Willco Extrusion and Our Products

Based in Michigan, we at Willco Extrusion take considerable pride in our traditional Midwestern industrial roots, and the cornerstone of our business is integrity. For more information, or to place your order, contact us today by calling 248-817-2373.

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