What is the Purpose of Custom Made Mud Flaps for Trucks?

One of the most important accessories you’ll invest in when outfitting your truck are tire guards. While protecting your vehicle (as well as others) from road fragments, custom made mud flaps for trucks from Willco Extrusion have the added advantage of effortless advertising.

Keep Corrosives Away From the Truck

custom made mud flaps for trucks

It’s not uncommon for large tires to pick up sand, dirt and salt as they traverse the highways. These particles can damage the outside surface of the truck. A semi mud flap provides a barrier between the tire and the semi, preventing any road dust from blowing up onto the vehicle’s exterior. In this way, mud guards help to preserve the condition of the truck.

Protect Other Vehicles From Debris

Another essential purpose of this tire accessory is to protect the cars behind the semi-truck. The same dirt and debris that may damage your truck’s body can do even greater damage to other vehicles caught in the crossfire. Whether the rubble is microscopic particles or large obstructions on the road, the safety of other drivers and their cars depends on sufficient protection around your semi’s tires.  

Promote Brand Recognition

In addition to road safety and vehicle protection, custom made mud flaps for trucks provide an opportunity to advertise. Printed logos spread awareness of your company without lifting an extra finger for marketing campaigns. When having these made, it’s best to invest in flaps that are printed using a hot-stamped process, rather than silk-screening. The result will ultimately last much longer.

It’s easy to see that the mud flaps semi-trucks use play a crucial role in a smooth trip. To protect your trucks from road rash and keep surrounding drivers safe, make sure you’ve got high-quality tire guards to do the job. In addition, Willco Extrusion can stamp custom designs on your mud flaps to give you the long-lasting message you need to sell your brand. Contact us today to start your design.

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