Get Custom Logo Mud Flaps for Your Semi Truck

Mud flaps on semi-trucks help protect the undercarriage and other vehicles from dirt and debris kicked up by the truck’s wheels. They also minimize vehicle wear caused by gasoline, rainwater and rust. However, most semi truck mud flaps are relatively uninteresting. Custom logo mud flaps from WillCo Extrusion offer you a chance to add a unique, eye-catching element to your semi truck.

Unique Look

custom logo mud flaps

WillCo Extrusion’s custom semi truck mud flaps offer a unique look for your truck. You can use them as an opportunity to further brand your truck with your company logo. This is an excellent way to stand out on the road and give your vehicle an extra level of professional appeal.

Alternatively, consider a personal design. Whether you want something fun, meaningful or eye-catching, we can make your design a reality. Simply upload your design to our order form.

When ordering custom designed or logo mud flaps from us, you can select size, thickness, color and material. These options will help you achieve the unique look you are seeking for your semi truck.

American Made

All WillCo Extrusion mud flaps are made in the United States. We are committed to supporting our great nation’s economy. When you order from us, you are helping us achieve that mission.

We select only the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity of your new mud flaps. Our flaps are designed to stand up to everything your truck can throw at them. This includes chemicals such as gasoline, rainwater and rust. Better yet, we opt for environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes to help protect the world around us.

Order Your New Logo Mud Flaps

Give your semi truck a unique look with logo mud flaps from WillCo Extrusion. We offer a wide variety of options to help you create the perfect way to show off your company brand or simply add a unique element to your trucks. Complete our order form online to get started.


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We can create anything you desire. We store your logo at our facility, but you still own it. Standard block lettering is also available if a logo is not needed.

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