Custom Dually Mud Flaps and Mud Flaps for Lifted Trucks

As the proud owner of a powerful Ford or GMC dually, you know that great performance is essential, and so is style. After all, where’s the fun if you can’t show off your truck’s personality while hauling heavy loads to the work site? Make sure your trustworthy workhorse turns heads when you drive down the road with custom dually mud flaps from Willco Extrusion. Our custom mud guards protect your truck while delivering your company message to
other drivers.

Why Custom Dually MudFlaps Are Essential for Business Owners

Custom Dually mud flaps

In some cases, putting mud flaps on your Ford dually is required by law. However, that’s not the main reason most owners choose to accessorize their trucks with these incredible aftermarket parts:

  • Truck protection: No matter where you live and drive, gravel and debris from the wheel well can scratch your truck’s incredible paint job. Mud guards make sure rocks stay inside the wheel well, safeguarding other parts of the truck. This road defense is especially important in places with winter weather because you want to keep road salts and chemicals from reaching areas of the frame that are vulnerable to rust.
  • Long-term advertising: One major benefit of rocking custom mud guards is the ability to show off your brand message everywhere. Whether you want to tell other drivers about your website, company phone number or services, you can be sure they’ll know who to call when it’s time for a big job.
  • Driver safety: Part of making a great first impression — especially if your dually or delivery truck has company lettering on it — is taking care of other drivers on the road. Avoid damaging the paint or windshield of cars behind you with custom mud flaps for lifted trucks.
  • Style: Don’t settle for cheap one-size-fits-all flaps that fall apart in a few weeks. Our high-quality custom mud flaps for dually trucks are specifically made to stand up to the punishing nature of off-road travel and intense weather conditions, making sure your truck looks awesome year round.
  • Friendliness: Let’s be honest. Proud owners of dually trucks like to skid their wheels from time to time. Few things are as satisfying as the sound of a powerful engine peeling out on country roads. With custom Ford dually mud flaps for lifted trucks, you don’t have to worry about throwing rocks behind your truck.

Equip Your Dually Truck With the Best Custom Mud Guards on the Market

What makes our custom mud flaps the best fit for dually owners? For one thing, they’re made in the U.S.A. at our own facilities. This lets us guarantee incredible quality and make sure your finished design looks amazing. After you give us your logo, we use a hot-stamping process to permanently affix it. Hot-stamping is superior to silk-screening because it essentially makes your logo a part of each mud guard.

Everything about your personalized mud flaps is customizable, giving you complete control over the appearance of your trucks. Dually owners and drivers of lifted trucks love this feature because regular mud flaps just don’t cut it when it comes to extended sizes. Whether your Ford dually needs 24ʺx 24ʺ or 24ʺx 36ʺ mud guards — or different custom size — we’ve got you covered. You can outfit your entire fleet with the same amazing logo.

Select custom color schemes, product thicknesses, materials and designs to fit the needs of your trucks. After specifying your preferences, you can expect maximum lead times of three weeks for complex orders, with many shipments going out in a week.

Get Started Right Away

Creating the best custom dually mud flaps your fleet has ever experienced is a breeze when you work with our Willco Extrusion experts. Select your ideal options or give us personalized measurements and specifications. We’ll follow everything to the letter. Our design professionals can work with existing logos or build a new one from scratch. To get started, request a quote right away.

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