Why Choose Willco Mud Flaps?

  How can you convince potential clients you’re the best? In our experience, making a good first impression is essential whether you’re dealing with manufacturers, wholesalers, or store owners. Make sure your drivers always show up with a clean truck and Willco mud flaps that have your company’s logo. Here’s why our custom mud flaps […]

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Want Custom Splash Guards? Willco Extrusion Has Just What You Want

Ah, trucks. Those magnificent all-purpose vehicles that let you get from here to there in style and comfort — all while hauling whatever load you may have. Whether you own just one or a whole fleet of them, it just makes sense that you want to protect it or them so it or they will […]

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Cost Efficient Advertising with Custom Splash Guards

If you’re an entrepreneur who owns a fleet of trucks and you’re looking for a unique way to advertise your company’s name and logo, consider installing custom splash guards. Virtually every state requires you to have splash guards, a/k/a mud flaps, on your vehicles, so a custom set from Willco Extrusion just makes good sense, […]

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Are Mud Flaps Worth It?

Whether you drive a big rig, a dump truck, or a F350 dually, you have made a major investment in your vehicle and you consequently want to protect it. But have you considered installing mud flaps? Your first reaction to that question may be to shrug and ask are mud flaps worth it? Well, consider […]

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Custom Hot Stamp Mud Flaps

Whether you’re hauling your own load or you haul for hire, advertising is an important part of doing business. Custom hot stamp mud guards can help to provide ad space on long-haul semi-trucks and trailers. It is an ideal accessory for businesses that want to take advantage of inexpensive ways of raising awareness. In an […]

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Custom Mud Flaps for Cars

Custom Mud Flaps: Not Just for Trucks Anymore: Do you have a fleet of cars for your business? Whether they are delivery vehicles, passenger shuttles, or courtesy cars, they certainly represent a significant investment. At Willco Extrusion, we can equip your fleet with custom mud flaps for cars that not only protect the vehicles, they […]

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Printed Mud Flaps / Personalized Mud Flaps

Printed Mud Flaps / Personalized Mud Flaps Outfit vehicles with printed mud flaps from Willco Extrusion. With high-quality materials and high-tech printing, custom designs look great for ages. Your vehicle says a lot about you, or in the case of business owners, your company. This includes paint colors, aftermarket parts and style accessories. With printed […]

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Mud Flaps vs. Splash Guards: What’s the Difference?

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably pondered the difference between mud flaps vs splash guards at some point in your life. The truth is both terms usually refer to the same thing, which is an essential vehicle accessory that prevents dirt and debris from causing damage. Additionally, mud flaps aren’t only useful for large […]

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Personalized Mud Flaps / Design Your Own Mud Flaps

Interested to design your own mud flaps? Personalized mud flaps are more than just a truck accessory. Mud flaps play a crucial role in road safety. These pieces of rubber are integral for protecting other drivers from dirt and debris that can easily be kicked up by the wheels of a big rig. In fact, […]

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Custom Dually Mud Flaps and Mud Flaps for Lifted Trucks

As the proud owner of a powerful Ford or GMC dually, you know that great performance is essential, and so is style. After all, where’s the fun if you can’t show off your truck’s personality while hauling heavy loads to the work site? Make sure your trustworthy workhorse turns heads when you drive down the […]

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