5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Mud Flaps

advantages of splash guards

Although there is no federal law that requires splash guards on semis, most states do require them on your truck. You should check the laws in states where you drive, to ensure you’re following regulations. Take a look at the benefit of mud flaps and why you should consider investing in custom mud flaps.   […]

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Do Your Mud Flaps Meet State Requirements?

Mud Flaps State Laws - fmcsa mud flaps

The idea of designing your own custom truck mud flaps can be appealing, but did you know that each state has different laws regarding mud flaps? This is true, and many truck drivers are shocked to find the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) does not regulate mud flaps. Some states have stricter laws than […]

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What to Know About Personalized Mud Flaps

applications - personalized mud flaps

Willco Extrusion is a family owned and operated company that creates personalized mud flaps for your semi-trucks and trailers. View a list of the most common questions about custom mud flaps below. Do you create custom sized mud flaps? Yes! We are able to create custom sized mud flaps if the mud flaps you need […]

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